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Reggie The Lion
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Reggie The Lion
 The Positive
Affirmation Character

Reginald Foreman
Creator of Reggie The Lion

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Helps Children Learn To Believe! 


The Adventures of Reggie The Lion and Jeremiah Cartoon Series will be coming to TV soon! Thanks to our Partnership with BeeTV, this series will be viewable in Georgia & Alabama covering 20 counties and over 600,000 homes! 


In this scene, Jeremiah was very sad because he could not play basketball as well as his friends. Tune in soon and see how Reggie The Lion helps Jeremiah feel better about his natural talents and gifts.

This, and so much more, can be found in The Adventures of Reggie the Lion & Jeremiah Learning Activity Book

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About Reggie The Lion

Reggie the Lion is the world’s very first faith-based positive affirmative character! He is a plush toy of a lion who speaks positive affirmations. He will help you fill your child’s mind with positive thinking and strong belief. Parents, educators, mental health professionals have confirmed Reggie the Lion’s effectiveness. He is good fun for the whole family and will reinforce healthy, uplifting thoughts in those around him.


The positive affirmations from Reggie The Lion is very important in children's lives because 90% of the brain development takes place in the first 5 years of a child's life. 

LaWanda Fisher, Certified Parent Educator

Reggie The Lion is a great asset from womb to tomb shaping the mindset of our children, even prior to entering into the world. 

Dr. Dian Edmonds, Psychologist & College Professor

Children who deal with abuse coming from stressful homes need a Reggie The lion to help combat the negative words spoken over them in broken homes. 

Karlesha Hines, Headstart Coordinator